Sunday, January 2, 2011


Magster became Sunbeam today. She went to Primary today for the first time.
Every time I took her to the nursery, she said "I want to go to primary, mommy." (I'm in jr. primary as a secretary.) So, I thought it would be an easy transition for her.

This morning I said to Magster, "Magster, you get to go to primary today!"

I thought she would be happy to hear that, but the reaction I got was,
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm going to the nursery!"

Ok, this is the girl who fought every time we went to nursery, not only that because she had a tendency to run and escape(and she is very fast) during the time she was supposed to be in nursery, I got a calling as a nursery worker for almost the entire time she was in nursery. (I just got this calling last October.) I thought she would be happy to be in primary where I am.
Boy, I was wrong. She cried and screamed for the first 5 min.. I tried to convince her that I would be there with her the whole time. I tried bribe her with chocolate which she does not get to eat that often, but no, it did not work. I finally said "ok, then you are going to go to the car and sit there all by yourself." Yes, it is very mean and I should not convince her by fear, but it worked. She finally agreed to stay and sit.
Almost all the new sunbeam kids did not want to stay in primary and had a problem at the beginning, but at least none of them screamed like my lovely precious daughter did.

Good thing I love her to death, other wise who knows what I'm going to do to her. At least that's how I feel sometimes.

Anyway, she was good most of the time. They gave the kids smarties(candy) and after that she calmed down a lot and seemed like she was happy to be there.

So Big daddy and I asked her if she liked the primary.

and the answer was...


Well, she seemed enjoying the class, so hopefully she changes her mind about primary and be happy to be there soon.

We still love you so much, Magster.


Yesterday, at the dinner time, BD said to our kids,
"Well, since everyone is here today, Mommy and I would like to make an announcement."

"We are pregnant!" with a big smile.

"Ow, sorry" said Magster.
"No, no, NOOOOOOO!" said AJ

Magster and AJ did not understand what pregnant means, but It was too funny the way they reacted.
Hopefully, they get excited when the baby is born.

Yes, we really are pregnant, and our due date in on July 22nd.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Difference between Magster and AJ

Magster is more like she knows what she wants and she's going to try so hard to get it.
AJ is very easy going and if he doesn't get what he wants, he's still ok with it. He goes for something else.

Magster listened more when she was at AJ's age, I think. When I made scary face and said NO then she didn't even dare to do it. She cried and screamed though...
AJ seems doesn't care. I make scary face and tell him NO. He grins at me, and does what I told him not to. He is more of a kid likes to tell adults"I dare you", I think.

Magster is more of a careful girl. She makes sure it's ok or safe to do things.
AJ likes to explore things and not afraid of anything.

These are only a few things of their differences. There are more. It's amazing how different personality they have.

The thing that they are the same is they are so cute and adorable!

AJ's 1st time hair cut

OK, so AJ did not have much to start with but I decided that I make our tradition to shave boys head when they hit 1.
So I shaved AJ's head last week.


Right before the hair cut (shave)


He cried the whole time. Wiggled his head to try to get away. But, I WON!
My little Buddha. He is so cute. Yah, it's kind of hard to tell the difference between before and after. But, hey, only thing matters is I'm satisfied! Yay!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Magster's Birthday

June 10th, Magster turned 3.

On her birthday, Big Daddy was on the business trip and he was not coming home until late that night so we decided to celebrate her birthday on Saturday the 12th.
Well, we had birthday dinner and cake on 12th, but we took kids to the Disneyland on 5th.

It was sunny and hot day. We had a lot of fun there. Last time we took Magster to Disneyland (in Tokyo), she did not know any of the characters so she wasn't sure. So this time, we have showed her many disney movies and mickey mouse clubhouse (TV show) so she can enjoy. We were right. She had so much fun.

She loved taking pictures with Micky, Minny, and princesses. She hugged each one of them. It was so fun to see her excited to meet the characters. She was so cute. Well, it's hard to see that on the pictures. I'm not sure why Magster doesn't like being taken pictures. We might have cursed her when she was doing modeling job in Japan. Who knows.

After taking pictures with princesses, we had to go through princess's room which sold dresses, tiaras, and other accessories which is a smart marketing by the way (from Big Daddy's comment). Magster wanted to get tiara, and she chosed the cheapest one there so we got one for her.

I did not have bobby pins, so it was not put tight, but she love it. It was a great success for making Magster love princesses. She is a tom boy. She chooses the toy story characters between princesses and toy story. She is not that girlish which is not a bad thing, but sometimes it's nice to see her being girlish.

We got on a few rides too.

We left there around 6.

The funny thing is that the pictures we took outside of Disneyland were the best pictures of kids smiling.
I like the last picture of AJ smiling. I think AJ's smile looks just like BD when he when little.
We had so much fun there. Thanks BD for taking us there!

And, on June 12th. We just celebrated Magster's birthday with a simple dinner and cake.
We had pot stickers, mahboh tohu, and chawan mushi(not sure what you call it in English).

and before we had her birthday cake, we changed Magster to Snow White dress.

I made a barbie cake with Snow White.

The seven dwarfs are made out of chocolate, and I spent 4 days to finish it. I also spent 2 days to finish cake, so I spent pretty much a week to finish this cake. The chocolate was the hardest. It was so worth it though after seeing Magster's reaction. I love her reaction every time I make her cakes. She gets so excited and happy, and she enjoy eating those too.

After the cake, we called grand parents on Slype and opened presents. We didn't get to call on Skype my host mother, but we were able to talk to her on the phone. Magster had a really good day. She loved the gifts she got. I'm sure she had a good day.

It's so hard to believe she is three now. It's been wonderful since we became parents. Magster brings joys to our lives. We turned three years old as parents with her. There are a lot stuff we learned and grew up together, and we will learn and grow up more together.
Magster, I love you and Happy Birthday.

AJ's birthday

AJ turned 1 on May 29th.

I was able to take kids to the Seaworld on May 28th. They were opening a new dolphin show on AJ's birthday, but the members were able to see it a day before.
We were able to get the second row seat in the middle on the very first show. It was very fun! Magster and I loved it, and I think AJ even enjoyed it too. We were in the soak zone so we got splashed but we have the water protection thing(not sure what you call it), so we did not get wet much. Magster loved getting splashed.
We were able to see the Shamu show which is the killer whale show. They have changed few since that Florida seaworld tragedy. The trainers don't getting in the water with the killer whales anymore. It still is a great show though. We were able to seat on the 5th row in the middle. We got splashed again. Magster and AJ loved it. There is a part when the audience do some move to encourage the killer whale to splash the water to us in the show. Magster and AJ love that part. AJ was doing that move the whole time we were watching the Shamu show. It's not perfect but you can still tell that's what he is doing. He is so cute when he does that.
After the show, we went to the sesame street corner where kids can run and jump around. AJ enjoyed walking around and climbing on the things.
I tried the tea cup ride with kids, and AJ was wiggling too much that I decided to not to get on other rides. It was hard.
Oh, I forgot to mention that AJ started to walk in end of April.
We left there around 6. It was very fun. Kids definitely had a fun. It was harder to take kids by myself since AJ started walking but it was worth it. Kids had a light dinner and when to bed straight and did not wake up until late morning. It was great.
I didn't bring camera with me so I don't have any pictures from there.

On AJ's birthday, he got a fever 102. I guess he had a too much fun at the seaworld...
We did not do anything special. AJ was cranky and miserable... We just had a simple dinner.
I made a yogurt base sponge cake with some fruits just for AJ.

For outside cream, I used yogurt instead of whipped cream so it was very runny.

Magster blew the candle for AJ. And, here are the pictures of his reaction to the cake.

And... he threw up... well, he was not feeling well. That's probably and hopefully why he threw up. Be positive. ;)

Mageter kept saying "mommy, it's very yummy!", and she ate a half of the cake by herself while we were opening AJ's birthday gift. At least Magster enjoyed it!
We had a chocolate pie just for us but needless to say Magster did not get to eat that after finishing a half of AJ's cake. It turned out well after all.

When AJ was getting birthday gifts, he was just so tired and not feeling well.

He was interested... and in few seconds

He cried... and then

got interested again.... and...

cried again... He was crying in between getting gifts. It was his bed time. He went straight to the bed after this.
It was a very interesting day. He was very tired and miserable but at the same time, he was happy and smiling. He was smiling and giggling and a second later he started crying and threw a tantrum for not holding him. He just could not decide how he felt that day.

I cannot believe how fast time flies once you have kids especially after the second kid. It seems like it was ages ago that I was struggling and frustrated for not being able to find a right doctor for us and frustrated for waiting for contraction to come which never came. It was worth struggling definitely. I learned a lot about the American insurance system which was so confusing compare to Japanese system. My patience got strengthen during this pregnancy. It worked out best for us and AJ in the end. I was glad that I didn't have him naturally after I heard his size.
Having AJ in our family is such a blessing. Our family got enriched and bond tight together even more. AJ is very easy going baby, and very patient with Magster bossy around. Magster grew up so much since he come to our family. She loves AJ and loves taking care of him (although she is rough a lot of the time).

Happy birthday AJ, and I look forward to celebrate your birthday every year.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother's Day

For the Mother's Day, we went to Arizona to visit BD's mom and dad.
We were going to leave on Friday night after BD gets off of a work, but then AJ had a temperature of 102-103. Of course it had to be this day and this weekend. This is the part of joys you get as parents. Kids are unexpected!
I thought he had an ear infection because he kept touching his left ear so we decided we should take him to an urgent care to make sure. Plus, we didn't want to give out the sickness to mom and dad. The doctor said that AJ did not have an ear infection, and he is perfectly clear except the fact he has an fever. The doctor said it could be related to teething although it was a little warmer than usual. She also said he should be fine to travel to Arizona. She recommended me to give him an ibuprofen and he should be fine.
Well, I felt like it was a waste of time but at least I knew he was fine.
After we left from the hospital, it was a little late to leave to Arizona. We would've arrived around 2 a.m., so we decided to leave on Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning, around 6 a.m., we left home and headed to Arizona. We stopped at Yuma to put gas in and to eat breakfast. AJ was screaming a whole time, so we ate as fast as we can. We ordered for all you can eat pancakes, but I ended up finishing the first round and done. I was pretty full too. BD was able to get the second round. AJ refused to eat. He still had a fever so he did not have an apatite. Magster did not eat much either. After the breakfast we got gas and left Yuma.
The drive was not bad. Kids were doing fine. We were afraid that AJ would be a disaster but he was doing great. He did not cry much. Most of the time kids were very peaceful.
Oh, I did not mention it but we got a new car in March, Honda Odyssey, and it was the first trip we took with the new car. It was very comfortable.

In fact, it was too comfortable that we all fell asleep besides BD.

We arrived at BD's parents house around 1 p.m.. We had quick greetings, and Magster went to the toys room. She played there all by herself until 2 p.m., and then she said she was tired so she wanted to take a nap. Magster had never EVER said she wanted to take nap. She fell sleep on a bunk bed in the toys room.
She woke up around 3 p.m.. She had not eaten lunch so we were going to feed her but she complained her stomach hurt, and then she threw up... We checked her temperature, and she had a fever too..

We wanted to go somewhere fun and do some fun stuff with mom and dad but we could not do anything that day.

BD and I felt so bad for bringing sick kids to mom and dad. Hopefully kids didn't make them sick.

The good news was AJ's temperature dropped and Magster still had some fever but she was feeling way much better on Mother's day.

I was able to attend mom and dad's church with them, and BD stayed home and watched kids and prepared for the mother's day dinner.
When we came back BD and dad cooked dinner for us. They served halibut, clam chowder, salad, fruit salad, and more good stuff. It was very good. I enjoyed it very much.

We left there around 3. The trip on the way back was not bad.
It was a very relaxing trip. I am very grateful for BD for letting me relax and getting me a nice dinner. It was very nice of mom and dad for letting us stay that weekend. It was a very fun trip for me even though kids were sick.

I am very blessed to be able to be a mother. Being mother is the best job I can get in this whole world. I am very grateful that I am in this environment that I can focus on just loving kids and having so much fun raising them. I am very blessed to have such a supportive husband who loves me so much. ;) He is the best. I love you BD!